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    I have had the following query from John McHale, son of IG member John McHale, and I think many of the points he makes are relevant. McHale was a key member of the IG, and this became very apparent at the Tate Britain conference in March 2007. So, with some material supplied by the family, I will be adding a new page on McHale as soon as funds allow. Here is John McHale's query:

    Dear Anne Weallens,

    I am perplexed why you have not featured a biography about my father John McHale on your informative site on the IG?

    You have briefly documented Alloway/Paolozzi/Hamilton/Smithsons/Henderson , and not McHale. John McHale was just as influential and artistically active as the other IG members. He was an IG member from the very beginning. He was instrumental along with other IG members in the Growth and Form exhibit in 1951. John McHale initially developed and coined the term Pop Art, in 1954 , and exhibited his formative Pop art works at the Collages and Objects exhibit at the ICA, and in the same year was asked by Dorothy Moreland to reconvene the IG group along with Lawrence Alloway. He provided the iconic collage material and designed the “Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing?” Pop art collage poster for the TIT which Hamilton cut out and pasted up, and McHale contributed the OP art Dazzle panels and most of the Pop Art ready mades for the TIT exhibit. I note your site features an uncredited photo of some of the Pop art installation at the TIT including the collage assemblage of the Forbidden Planet poster of Robby the Robot, and of Marilyn Monroe, and Van Gogh Sunflowers which were provided by McHale ( with the assistance of Frank Cordell) for the exhibit in 1956. You may also recall that the IG meeting notes taken by John McHale are the only contemporary documentary evidence of the existence of the IG. Surely he should be given some credit and profile on his major achievements as an IG member.

    Thank you for your attention with regard to this matter

    John McHale, son of the Father of Pop.

    Any comments?
    Dear Anne Wealleans
    Some years ago I spent two weeks in Buffalo with Magda Cordell McHale. I had intended to write about John McHale and Magda made material available to me. Subsequently, I put Magda in touch with the Tate and a London Gallery (Jane England's in fact) but I bowed out and had to give up my writing as a result of pressure of work.
    If you are putting together a biography of John McHale for the site, I may have some information, although I suspect information from the family might be fuller and perhaps more accurate. Nevertheless, the offer is open.
    Graham Whitham